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Hello all,

I been told before from a colleague that the C|EH would be a waiver for one of the classes in the Masters program. Is this correct? I am not sure if it is because a couple of weeks ago one of the counselors at WGU told me that the CEH would waive one of the classes(Ethical hacking course - which you take the CEH at the end of the course). However, as I stated the counselor contradicte themselves by telling me now that the C|EH does not waive the Ethical Hacking course of the MS: ISA program. Anyone have any experience on this that may be able to shed some light?


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    If the course exam is still the CEH, then entering the program with it completed already should waive the requirement. Call and get someone else, I've said it countless time but the enrollment dept at WGU is the weakest link in the entire program.

    Note, the only issue is if your cert is older than 5 years, then it shouldn't count.
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    Thanks for the reply Daniel. I had been working with the same Enrollment Advisor the last few months. I will follow your advice and call them tomorrow to see if I can talk to someone else. My CEH is just 3 years old and is still valid also so I'm hoping there shouldn't be any issue. I'll let you know what happens, in case someone in the future has similar problems.
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    Yes usually as long as its within 5 years and still valid it's accepted
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