Am I ready??

JameswebJamesweb Member Posts: 144
So I have been studying for Security+ now very hard I might add for over a month now straight spending about 7-9 hours a day. I have read 3 books, Darril Gibson's book, Authorized Cert guide by David Prowse which was an excellent book with resources by the way and read Study guide book by Glen Clarke another fine book. I have gone through all of Professor Messer's videos and Certmaster with the voucher bundle I ordered. I have gone through all of Darril's online premium content as well. I feel pretty confident but find myself still wanting to go through more questions just to make sure. I just scheduled the test for this Thursday morning so here's to hoping to pass this beast. I did pretty well on Network+ back in December. Any thoughts are appreciated!
Currently working on CCENT/CCNA and CAPM


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