643 on 70-410

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By the time I was ready to begin studying for 70-410, the Second Shot deadline was only 3 weeks away. As much as I didn't like the idea of booking an exam for a time in which I knew I wouldn't be fully prepared, I went ahead and did it anyway. I figured if I can take the exam twice, for the same cost as taking it once, why not. I'm glad I did.

My last experience with Microsoft exams was several years ago, with the 70-680. I just remember feeling completely defeated by my horrible score, and how thrown off I was by the way questions were being worded, and the minute details MS seemed to be so focused on in the test. Sitting for the 70-410 was like a breathe of fresh air (lol). It put a ton of my worries surrounding MS certs at ease. Questions were, for the most part, very clear and concise. The types of questions I received were pretty well balanced between the topics. All in all, I felt it was a very fair test. It also doesn't hurt that I did better than I thought I would at this stage in my studying.

So, I'm all booked up to retake on July 3rd. I feel like this will give me solid amount of time to pick up in the areas that I haven't covered in detail yet, and subsequently did poorly on in the first sitting.


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