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So Im planning on going the two exam route ICND1 + ICND2. With basic networking knowledge (equivalent to Netacad CCNA1(first course - Mainly OSI & TCP/IP model) course) what are the chances of me passing the ICND1 with one month of prep? I posted a few days back but a little bit about me:
> no social life
> can dedicate 10+ hours a day to studies

> Lamle R&S Study Guide
> Lamle R&S Review Guide
> CBT Nuggets Videos
> 30 Days before CCNA exam guide
> Access to Netacad CCNA1&2 (Dont want to wait till December(after CCNA3&4 to sit exams i.e., extra costs - $750 per module (i.e., CCNA1, 2, 3 & 4 total - $3000) to sit the exams.



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    I went with Odom's and not Lamle, but that + cbt nuggets and a lot of labs should be more than fine.
    Know your subnetting well and lab a lot, packet tracert is enough for ICND1.

    If you got a good tcp/ip foundation, I think CCNA as a whole is more than attainable in a couple of months.
    Also, dont study 10 hrs a day...
    I think after 4-6 hours the learning goes downhill for the brain.
    Study, break, study, break, study.

    Also, more than welcome to use our Cisco forums, there are some extremely useful sticky threads.
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    I think it's definitely possible if you're putting those hours in although - I would say personally to not go to hard on it. Take it in gradually, let the concepts sync in and think about them.

    That's my personal opinion though :)
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