Forgot how much I enjoy and love Networking

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I recently started studying for Security+ and it's been a while since a certification has generally excited me.

There is a nice overlap between Network+. Throws a bit of a spanner into the works because after this cert I planned on doing Linux+. I might now just jump straight into Cisco?

Does anyone else get excited studying a particular area or am I just a rare breed?


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    Its good you are excited, enthusiasm for a subject can help you retain more of it. After you take the exam, just sit back and decided what interested you the most with it, and keep going in that direction.
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    I would highly recommend applying for jobs in the field you want even if it's at the bottom of it. Or you could also start volunteering locally. Why? Because this will help you stay motivated through the studying process or prove that you may want to go down a different IT path. But it does happen to everyone. However the ones whom end up on top are the individuals who believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is what they want to do and anything can stop them.
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    I like studying anything that isn't directly related to what I do day to day for my job. For example, I'm a sysadmin that normally deals with networking and server infrastructure. I just recently started studying up on AWS and DevOps stuff, and it's been really refreshing. It builds on all my existing sysadmin knowledge, but I get to apply it in a different way and solve problems differently.
    When I'm studying stuff that I already work with everyday, it can get tedious and boring.
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    Go for what interest you.
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