ISC CAP Exam training information and help desired

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Has anyone recently completed the ISC CAP Certified Authorizing Professional exam or done any training/etc...?
I am trying to find out what books/materials are out there that fit the current format.
I emailed ISC, and they said they don't have an updated book, and no ETA when it will be available
the format covers RMF, the current book is for DIACAP/DITSCAP and they said it does not cover the new format (I've heard it referenced as 2013 version)

I have been going through NIST documents and various RMF webcasts (rmforg, nist, and ISC)
while I have hundreds of pages to review, I generally prefer to read a good book and study from that (I'm old schooled so to speak)

besides the ISC RMF online classes, any other good training providers to consider?
I have tried to reach out to various colleges/universities, but no one seems to offer anything for this
and yet.... in the DoD sector this is EXTREMELY HOT and desirable right now.

just from reading NIST documents, I have a better understanding of RMF, but I know I need more.
I'm looking for CAP training material, not just DoDRMF.

I've heard this is very tough to pass, harder than the CISSP, which I did on second try of course....


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    Wow, no response on this one? I am also interested in taking this exam within the next 1-2 years.
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    Pretty much the only resources available are the official books from ISC2. There are a few threads on here that detail some other books, resources, etc. that people used to pass the exam.
    Working on: CCSP, definitely, maybe. On the twitters: @mcole1008
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    There has only been a couple of CAP or ISSEP types on this board and I don't see either as active in some time now.

    - b/eads
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    @Don 79 TA,
    The best material for the ISC CAP Exam is NIST SP 800-37.
    It's okay to read the NIST SP 800-37 several times, but I advise you to read extensively Chapter 3 from Document page 21 to 42. These specified pages gives a breakdown of all tasks in every of the RMF steps in relation to the SDLC/ Security Life Cycle. It also assign each of the tasks to individuals, an important component of the exam

    Good luck
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