Didn't pass today :(

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So I tried to pass SEC+ 401 today and scored 677 on it. I used sybex review book and cram master online. Also did a week long class given by my base. What am I missing?


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    I haven't taken the Sec+ exam but from what I've read the general consensus on TE is that Darill Gibson's Security+ book is great. Get certified get ahead .com (no spaces) also has Sec+ questions which include simulations and audio which might help identify your weak areas.

    Using multiple resources is a great idea and a free way to do that would be to use professor messer's free Sec+ videos also.

    You were really close so I imagine shaking off the fail and getting back at it while everything is still fresh and you'll be posting a "Passed! Sec+" thread in no time.
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    Did the printout give any good feedback on what areas you need to focus on?

    What questions do you felt like you struggled with on the exam?
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    try again bro ....
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    Try again bro. Keep at it take lots of practice exams and study your week areas.

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    Thank you all. I purchased the Gibson book online today. Should be here by Monday.
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    I am sorry about that. I had failed as well and purchased Darill's book. Best thing I ever did. It helped with the questions I had missed.
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    Does that book break it down by domains?
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    Utilize the feedback from the printout to brush up on the domains you were weak in and then try again :D You'll get it next time :D
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