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Hello, I was hoping that my first post would be a positive one however, I need some help here. I have submitted the phase II practical test of the Guidance Software's EnCE certification almost 9 weeks ago and have still not received any word of the results. I was originally told in an email from the certification person that I would receive the results in 4 to 6 weeks. After the 6 weeks had passed, I called Guidance Software. The certification person said that there were no results because the instructors had to prepare for the conference. I called again at the 8 week point and again was told that there were no results. I again called today 6/4 and listened to a the voice mail recording that the certification person would be out until 6/22. Here it is almost the 9 week point and I have not received any email explaining as to what the results of my exam are.

Can someone here please direct me to someone at Guidance Software or give me a number I can call. My employer is not very happy about having to invest almost 4 grand in a class and not hear any word on a grade of pass or not.


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    Well, got my results yesterday. A more humble Bob Lob-Law will be retaking the forensics practical.
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    @Bob: Do you mind sharing with us how did you prepare? did you pay for the course or did your employer pay for it? What experience did you have before doing the course?

    I'm really interested in this area but I don't see any training opportunities available...
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    Yes if you could please share what you used to prepare for the exam and your background/experience with e-discovery or forensics' prior to Encase?

    I can shed a little light onto why the delay in response was abnormal to other certs. 1. Yes a you know and the kept saying, but actually was true just not very detailed and sounds like an excuse without inside knowledge, but they did have a large conference upcoming/going on and a lack in resources to review other examinees due to demand/need. 2. Internal changes throughout the partner programs, certification guidelines, and internal corporate structure. 3. Assumed no official evidence, but their primary role and software serving law enforcement and government agencies for decades also is very likely o have their resources tied up since I know the certification requires other certified individuals to be a part of your review and certification process which also are the only ones able to be used as a resource for any investigation steps as you know from your studies.

    My guess is they are a bit swamped while also trying to distinguish themselves a step ahead of all the other new games in town whether their tools or software are better or not, they don't have the legal and government backing Guardian does, but many don't know this. Also they do seem to revolve around manually processes ad a smaller staff size then one would expect an possibly they were never prepared for the growth/demand.
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    Up Until becoming certified information can be shared, but since he is in phase 2 I am not certain if he is in violation trying to reach out to others who know the process of certification or how this exactly works, but I did see a clear statement that any contact with a certified examiner prior to being certified while in the process of perusing it will be reported and basically you lose any progress and banned from ever attempting it for life.

    My guess this is why there is little information or topic on this at least that I've seen. As I learn more I will post what I can and if no response to a question is asked there is likely a reason. The v7 Study Guide seems sufficient though the class was recommended an sponsored in my case so I may peruse it, just haven't seen or had a request for this knowledge in the past 400 InfoSec solicitations over 2013 Q3 has anyone else?

    Personally anyone new to IT thinking InfoSec will lead to 6 figures and perusing this path now, maybe in trouble as it is no longer the days of if you knew a pix firewall or checkpoint firewall you could get hired like when knowing what an IRQ or RAM got you into tech early on and the best place that the younger crowd has (under 27) is the ability and familiarity with coding as it likely has continued to gain focus as an essential unlike those o us in our 30's who barely had to touch it and could avoid it for the first 10 yrs in infrastructure if not an admin and none want to learn how to now, which leaves SDN /NFV and security for the cloud a place to aim and set sights at as this is a complex frigging disaster with high paying roles at any level mixing skills that typically at he core are not 2nd nature to a CCNP or VCP or CISSP. Throw in IPv6 and all the coming convergence we keep avoiding someone will need to design these things and even with 20 years experience with SME roles, nationally visible projects and their success as the technical lead of 30 in 6 teams and reeducation in early SDN and coding these projects won't go smoothly without the right teams and 99% of my network I wouldn't hire as they've burned out on it and can smash stacks find 0day's and red team these SDN's for just as much its one beast the y don't want to dive into if they can avoid it.
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    SMBgurus, interesting points there.

    I feel like I'm one of those who avoided coding (eventhough I'm good at it). What's your suggestion for InfoSec pros now? What do we learn now that will help us have useful skills for the future? I can see firewalls/proxies going to the cloud..
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    IS the OP still around? I am seriously thinking about hitting the EnCE and could use some feedback.
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