Gsec - casp?

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Hi all.

I am considering the GSE (a long shot at this point, but it's something to consider) I notice we have had a few people declare attempts and a few pass the written, but no lab takers i've seen at this point (Though I think Keatron is a member and a GSE right?)

Anyway, I took the GSEC assessment and got an 86 with some goggling to verify my answers and honestly to get info on some stuff that I haven't dealt with. I don't think I can tell myself to pay the course fee to get the material, plus all the other GSE stuff I will need to pay for and the GREM next month, so I am looking for an alternative.

I realized that most of this material should be covered in a book or two in decent detail, especially for someone with experience. I started looking and I think, absent the windows and linux specific material, that a CASP book may contain the requisite knowledge. Any thoughts? I was able to go into a book today and find specific information I needed on the assessment. Are there any books advised for a quick and dirty read through? I'd like something small soI can get back to GREM studies.

If the CASP material isn't relevant, i'd like some good solutions. Based on my searching on here the NSB was suggested but there are reviews that clearly state that at least at this point it is no longer relevant enough to pass. Thanks.
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