CBDE.. A cert worth taking?

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Just want to share this experience with you guys. Got a call from a very good friend of mine which is aldo my former colleague from my previous work. A week ago, I recieved an email from one of my former teammate, he was asking for my help in setting up a L2L VPN, also, the inside of ASA5510 should be connected to a catalyst and the outside should be connectedd to a router which will be doing the NAT (IPSec on a stick scenario), due to some restructuring of my former company they decided to purchase the IPS blade for the ASA. I was shocked to see the design.. All I can say was this is absurd!! (But didn't told him) so I told him that I'll be making some changes on the deisgn as well as the configs (the crypto ACL's were a mess as well as some of the defined signatures on the IPS). So here I was fixing the config and all then my friend called me as I mentioned earlier, and learned that the guy (asking for my help) recently finished his CCSP as well as his CCNP certs!!! That gave me a shock since I was out of the company for merely 4 months and to learn that the guy got his CCNP and CCSP in such a short period of time. So i was thinking if the guy was just playing with me by sending me a mixed up config and design. I got respects for this guy since he was pretty good with Linux as well as Unix. (which he is also certified LPIC & HP/UX I think).

Going back to my friend's call, I learned that the guy was in a rush to achieve his Cisco certs because of the evaluation and the partnership of our company with Cisco, so he resorted to dumping both of the certs. (geez, I completed my CCSP in 2 years). So that gave me this acronym for him CBDE (Certified Brain **** Expert) :D

It's kinda frustrating that some people use braindumps to achieve a certain certification while a lot really earns it, study hard and sometimes fail on the process but do their best to achieve it.

Nonetheless, I'm still confident that a lot will still earn their certification without resorting to dumping since it will only give you problems in the future. Finally, my friend told me that the guy is also taking the CCIE security track this year icon_eek.gif. Well all I ever told my friend is give my best to him.

Just sharing my two cents worth of ideas. :D
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    ubergeek wrote:
    my friend told me that the guy is also taking the CCIE security track this year icon_eek.gif.
    Maybe you'll get the pleasure of taking the lab exam with him.... and watching him sweat bullets, or better yet, run from the room crying like a small child after an hour or so... icon_lol.gif

    Hum... maybe CBBD instead - certified by brain ****. It can be a qualifier for any of the dumped certs. He could be a CCNP*CBBD and CCSP*CCBD. Or to shorten it up (CCNP+CCSP)*CBBD.

    And if we substitute the real value of the CBBD Qualifier:
    We find the true value of his dumped certifications --> Zero
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