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hi gals and guys, only just joined but couldnt find the introduction section so i really do hope its ok to put on here.

my name is robert and i am from halifax uk.

i passed a couple of exams about 3 years ago but because i couldnt get a job due to no experience, i gave up. stupid i know but i couldnt find any other way to get a job so this time im not going to give up!

i was thinking about doing free work but i dont really know if that is what it is called so hopefully someone will come along and correct me, doing free work will give me the experience i need.

i am currently studying 70-410 as i really want to be an mcse.

well i think i have covered the basics about me


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    Welcome and good luck. Landing a first job can be hard. There is a really good section on the forums for help with your resume and interviewing. Take a look through there. It wouldn't hurt to post a copy of your resume with all the personal info removed, and get some good honest feed back on it.

    With MCSA windows 7(70-680 & 70-685) you should be able to land your first IT job.

    Good luck on your job search, and good luck on the 70-410
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    thank you for the welcome.

    i knew i forgot to add something, the 2 exams that i passed are 70-680 amd 70-685 but i have applied so many jobs but none came back to me because i dont have any experience.

    when you say resume, do you mean my CV?
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    Are you getting interviews? or are you applying and not getting any call backs? Will help pin point where the issue may lie.
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    thank you for the reply

    i have been applying few jobs a day few years ago but nobody ever got back to me.

    i would like to post my cv on here but dont know how. i have made a thread on how to post so as soon as someone replies on that thread then i will know if its my cv or not.
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    Welcome to TE! This is a fantastic community!

    I've also been studying for the 410 as well, hoping to schedule the test early August...
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    Welcome to the forum. What sort of jobs are you applying for, it mightn't be ideal but maybe start on a help desk to get the experience and build from there.

    Good luck with the 410, I'm studying for that as well.
  • redfox8redfox8 Member Posts: 12 ■□□□□□□□□□
    thank you guys, i have been applying for the helpdesk role and junior role, my plan was to pass a few more exams to make my resume stand out
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    redfox8 wrote: »
    thank you guys, i have been applying for the helpdesk role and junior role, my plan was to pass a few more exams to make my resume stand out

    It can indeed be tough getting your first job in IT. Have you also tried working in a computer shop e.g. fixing / upgrading computers clients bring in. It will give you more hands on experience, the addition of being able to say you deal with clients / customers on a daily basis. I did the computer store job for a few years then went into helpdesk roles.
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    Hello @redfox8, welcome to the forums and all the best of luck with your MSCE studies and finally finding Nemo!!icon_wink.gif
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