Need A+ 801 vets opinion re: most crucial info legal "**** sheet"

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So, came across a piece of advice for the 801 exam in Darril Gibsons a+ training kit. It's something I've done in the past for various tests. The gist: you get a piece of paper or whiteboard etc.. (something to write on/work out calculation) for use during the test.. obviously blank lol. His advice: you cram all these #s and info for the exam right up to the last second, particularly the most important or hardest to remember, then the second the exam begins, you grab that blank canvas and start writing down as much crucial info or content as humanly possible... BEFORE you start in on exam questions. I know it works and has made a hell of a difference for me before. So, to you vets who have written A+ or are IT sponges.... I need advice on what figures/facts/info etc...would be the most beneficial to cram and get down on paper for reference during the test. This is obviously not like the study sheets people make... no room or time to write out a novel. So in effect, paring down content to only the most useful. Ask yourself this: when I was writing 801....what do I wish I had in front of me if I only could pick a handful...
off the bat, I'm assuming ports is a good canditate. This is for 801 only by the way.
Other ideas I've considered: as many standards/versions as possible for various hardware ie: ram, cpu sockets etc..., speeds/rates for ?, Northbridge /Southbridge rough sketch. Others as well.
Ps: yes! I HAVE looked at the objectives. It defeats the purpose to try and get everything.


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    You're asking for information that no one can, according to testing guidelines, give you. Not that I'm a stickler for rules, but if you put in the time, you'll know what you need to know. I've put in over a month into 220-801, with novice background experience.

    Edit: After reading your other thread, I get the impression that you're looking to find out what you need to know, nothing more, to quick pass the exam. If you don't know it, you don't know it, and should fail.
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    #1: That may be a valid conclusion from the post, but I am ABSOLUTELY NOT seeking inside information that puts others in a dishonest position. If I was, wouldn't I say "tell me what's on it so I can write it down" ? I'm asking for OPINIONS on what the most crucial content (of all that's testable) would be in regards to the test taking tip explained in the original post. Ie: if you had to pick only a handful of topics/figures out of the 1000+ pages it covers, what would it be? Hope that clarifies things. Weird how people assess your motivations and writing instead of actually throwing in something useful or seeking clarification? Thats not entirely directed at you previous poster, that's something I've noticed a lot on these forums. People answering trying to make the poster feel stupid and telling them how easy it is and they deserve to fail. Didn't your mother's ever tell you if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all? Then again, I'm sure a high % of those guys still live in their moms basement spending their paychecks on war craft and ****.
    Ps: YOU try writing a post of frustration after about 6 hours of sleep over 3 nights...I'd be glad to assess your grammar.. oh and you have to write it on a tiny mobile device in the sun with overly aggressive autocorrect
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    Aside from the CompTIA objectives, which are listed on their site, there was a **** sheet created to help.

    FTR, the majority of the people posting here are already in the IT field making a living; a good one. It's pretty simple, if you want it bad enough, you'll go after it.

    Frankly, I took offense when you showed up asking "what's on the test," especially when I've been busting my ass to actually gain the knowledge and get into the field.
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    Don't take shortcuts on this one. It is easy enough and seriously, do you want someone to bust you on some easy IT question when you are further along in your career. They will be like "is this guy a paper admin"? I will tell you that a lot of it is practical except for the memory (RAM) stuff. Sometimes it still confuses me. Maybe commit that to memory.

    PS> Looking at the **** sheet I remember that I tried to actually visualize the steps of a laser printer process and it helped. 7 layer is easy (All, People, Seem, To , Need, Data, Processing), try to actually run those DOS commands for your tactile memory, and the hardware questions are easy enough if you actually build a computer.
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    John- John: Thank you for ACTUALLY reading what it was I was seeking. If the original post wasn't clear enough that I was only looking for OPINIONS on the testable subject matter. Hence, the big letters that say LEGAL in the title. Since I did see how someone could get the wrong idea depending on how you look at it, I tried to clarify it in the follow up. You DO know there is no such thing as getting the test questions even if you wanted to right? It's a dynamic system based on a pool of questions if I understand correctly.
    xD Lucas: "Frankly, I took offense when you showed up asking "what's on the test," especially when I've been busting my ass to actually gain the knowledge and get into the field"
    My sleep deprived listing of the ridiculous number of resources i've been using for the exam training kind of screams out the opposite of "slack ass cheater"
    Buddy, if your ability to extrapolate information is so poor that you attribute unethical quotes and intentions to someone....even AFTER they write back explaining that you clearly misunderstood....You my friend....are in the WRONG field!!!! "I thought you were trying to ask what's on the test while I was sitting here busting my ass trying to do it legitimately." That is what you maybe SHOULD have said. If you've already passed it, then how did you get through the section on dealing with customers and the customer service portion of it? I'm not trying to insult you xD Lucas. But you clearly weren't reading a message from the same author if your under the impression I am doing ANYTHING but busting my ass for that same goal. I come from a customer service and management background, and I can tell you that even if you scored a perfect 100% on this certification or any other. If you can't wade through different personalities, tempers, communication styles etc... You will be the most qualified filing clerk around. (That's not directed at xDL, that's for anyone)
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    And I will admit in retrospect, it was a mistake to put "**** sheet" or encouraging feedback from those who already wrote the A+... But that is for perceptions sake
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