Looking at starting a new Career.

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So I'm currently in sales/marketing and I've always wanted to start a career in Data as a DBA. I was in college about 1 year ago but I got side tracked and never finished.

I would love to continue my education but also utilize what I'm learning but before I make the first step I figured I'd ask around to hopefully soak up some good advice.

CompTIA Career Pathways
This is a little path I found and I would like some feedback.

I have some background and honestly I think I can pass the CompTIA IT Fundamentals certification test right now. I really like the idea of working an entry level positions such as a help desk as I'm continuing my knowledge.

Is this something worth pursuing? Do I need all the certs in this list? Or just 1 per section? Am I better off getting a loan and going back to college?
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