CompTIA certification retirement announcement

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I have just received an e-mail with this news:
[FONT=&amp]Certification Retirement[/FONT][FONT=&amp]

[FONT=&amp]The[FONT=&amp] CompTIA Mobile App Security+[/FONT] ADR & iOS (ADR-001 & iOS-001) certification exams will be retiring on [FONT=&amp]June 26, 2015[/FONT]. CompTIA will not replace these exams. Therefore, anyone studying for these exams is encouraged to complete their studies and seek certification prior to the retirement date. Exam vouchers already purchased for these exams will be valid through June 26, 2015. Exam vouchers not used by the retirement date will expire and become void. Anyone who has received the certification will remain CompTIA Mobile App Security+ ADR & iOS certified, as the exam is retiring but the certification will stay valid.[/FONT]

I do believe this CompTIA certification program doesn't have a year and they are closing it. I am not sure what's the real driver behind it but I do believe they didn't find much interest from end user's side and they decided to close it ...
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