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Hi guys, so i havent used Citrix in a few years, Just an application farm really. Before i think it went to Xenapp. So the boss has offered us a course as we will soon be taking over a citrix enviroment.....Any ideas what the best course is to go for as i know they have branched off quite a bit into VDI, and more to into VMWare/Hyper V kind of market. We will just be using it for users to access software.... Theres ALOT of courses about! QA will be the provider. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    Citrix Certification

    Look at the virtualization track. XenApp (Remote Desktop Add-on) was lumped in with XenDesktop (VDI) and then pulled out again as a separate product. The track also includes XenServer (hyper visor).

    The networking track is for the netscalers and other related products. The mobility track is for the MDM solution Citrix aquired a few years ago.

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