Beginning the CCNP journey

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I feel as if I have already learned so much on my way to the CCNA, but I know this is just the tip of the iceberg. The CCNP feels so daunting even after obtaining my CCNA. Look through the blueprint compared to the CCNA makes me feel as if I have been swimming in the the kiddie pool and now I have been dropped into the ocean! Like some others, I am going to look at ROUTE first, partially inspired by Siggnation. So far on my purchase list is the CCNP Route Simplified book and of course the OCG. I already have Chris Bryants CCNP bootcamp, but it seems like it is a work in progress as far as the update. I am sure by the time I finish a couple of books his videos will be ready. I thought about looking into INE as they seem to be very well received. I learned from my previous exams that the more resources you have the better off you will be. I look forward to learning from those here who have already made the journey and who are still on the path.
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    You can Always try CBT Nuggets Free for 7 days. See how you like that course they have new updates, and 1 part is theory series, 1 part lab series.
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