computer fried?

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I recently had a problem with my computer. It randomly turned off and simply wouldn't turn back on. I thought it was a PSU problem so I replaced the PSU but no help. Later my TV(not monitor) broke, so I came to the conclusion that something was wrong with the outlet that they were sharing(along with some other things that wouldnt work such as phone charger)

I replaced my old rosewill 400w PSU(came with case) with a brand new Antec SmartPower 500w PSU. However, now the computer still won't turn on. When I first put in the ANTEC PSU and turned the computer on, the lights/fans/cpu fan all came on but nothing showed up on the screen, it said "NO SIGNAL" which led me to believe something about the video card but everything was in right and plugged right. and some of the front LED's werent displaying correctly so i plugged out the front LED/power switch plugs from the motherboard and plugged them back in correctly. Now, the computer simply won't turn on just like before I installed the new PSU. Did my motherboard fry when the power messed up? Or what else can I possibly troubleshoot? As of now, the computer will not turn on or even act like its turning on. The switch of the power supply is ON and everything...I'm out of ideas, anyone have any clue?

PC Specs:
Rosewill case w/ 400w rosewill PSU(later replaced by antec smartpower 500w)
ASUS K8N S754 Motherboard
AMD Athlon 64 3400+
1GB Muskin PC3200
ATI Radeon 9800XT 256MB AGP
Creative X-Fi XtremeMusic Sound Card
(1) 120GB HD and (1) 80GB HD
DVD-RW Drive
Floppy Drive
Saitek Eclipse Keyboard
Razer Diamondback Mouse

So if anyone has any ideas on what went wrong please feel free to post!


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    Make sure you have a good power source. If you do have good power then sounds like it is going to be a fried system board.
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    Presuming you've reseated the MBD power cable, and removed all peripheral power cables and still had no luck...
    Strip the system to bare minimums. Leave just the CPU, One DIMM and the video card (And remove/reseat each of these, verify the CPU fan is operationl if you get so far as POST later). Remove the front panel LED and switch connectors, even the power switch, and any other motherboard connected periherals (Eg. an extra USB header). Now follow the steps for clearing the CMOS on your motherboard, this is most usually down to a jumper setting and will be stated in the mbd manual.
    At this point you have the machine the most simplistic state it can be while still theoretically being able to boot. Short the power-on switch pins on the motherboard by careful use of a flat head scewdriver (This is not dangerous at all so long as you dont go poking around like crazy, be careful and just tip it off the 2 pins), this has the same effect as pressing the On switch and will let you rule out any cabling problems on their side. If you get power, great, if not....fubar.
    If you do get power and the sustem seems to go through POST to the point of looking for a boot source power down and reconnect the front panel connectors, try again. Slowly add your devices back and eliminate that way. The most likely culprits are dodgy power y-splitters or badly jumpered IDE devices (For a failed boot, the power issue is differnt but most likely down to knocking something loose when you were working inside the machine).
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    I think your mobo is fubar...sorry to say....
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    Ricka182 wrote:
    I think your mobo is fubar...sorry to say....

    I would agree.

    Sometimes you can "reset" the PSU by pulling the power cord. I have a bad MB do the same thing as you mentioned. The only way I could get the system to even try to power up is to pull the power completely before powering up. If it does try to power up does it post beep?

    You may try clearing the bios and updating.
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    Do you have a multimeter? Use it to test signal and voltages.
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    Yeah I'm beginning to think the motherboard is it...I tested the new PSU in another machine so thats not the problem. I spent a while just going through everything, re-seating everything. I think the next thing I wll do is what Ahriakin said, about stripping everything out of the computer to just the minimum to start it up.

    This is a very frustrating problem =( I've never came across something like this before so its discouraging for me not having any clue what to do :-\
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