CISA exam in 2 days - crazy question

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Hello All,
perhaps a bit of a crazy question but here goes. I'm sitting the CISA in 2 days and although I feel pretty solid on Domains 1,2,4 and 5, I'm very weak on Dom 3 (IS systems Acquisition, Development and Implementation.

I left Dom 3 till last as frankly I can't stand the subject and I'm not scoring particularly well on the Q DB. I'm getting approx 63-70% on the Q DB.

My question is, given the low pass mark for CISA and the fact I'm confident on the other Doms, should I be concerned? Or is it possible to achieve a pass by dropping very few points on the other Doms even if you drop 50% of the Dom 3 related questions?

I know people dissect/extrapolate the CISA/CISM scoring system, wondering if I'm on the road to a hiding and should try to speed read Dom 3 again or just focus on my strong points.



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    It is good to know that I am not the only person having trouble with Domain 3 ...
    I think there are two issues:

    1: Domain 3 accounts for 19% of the CISA Domain's
    2: Score is between 200 and 800, passing score is 450, but as far as I know it is a sliding scale score, it depends on the questions you answered and how they compare to other peoples answers .. .
    More details on the CISA FAQ Page.

    CISA Frequently Asked Questions

    My advise is don't worry, it is already too late to do anything about this, relax and do your best in the exam.
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    Thanks wd40,
    Dom 3 is pretty awful. Everything is I covered is directly useful in my day to day and upcoming career. I guess that's why I've put less attention towards it. I'm loathe to stay up cramming Dom 3, so as you say, I'll try not to worry and do my best.

    I was worried about the CISM last year to the point where I wasn't even going to attend, my wife forced me to and I got top 10% ;) - I'm really hoping to get lucky again..
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    There is an option to give only the questions that you answered wrong "Missed last Time seen", did you try that?
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    Moving on to that now, thanks!
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