Exam Cram vs. Mike Meyer's for Net+

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I was looking to purchase my study materials for the Net+ and was wondering y'alls opinion on the Exam Cram as well as the Mike Meyer's book. I did exam cram for the A+ and passed, but wasn't sure if it would be wise for this specific cert. All thoughts welcome. Thanks.
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    I am currently using both the ExamCram and Mike Meyer's books to study for the Network+ exam I am going to take sometime next month. I mainly use the ExamCram to study from. I use the Mike Meyer's book as a reference guide to get more information that the ExamCram does not cover. I would highly recommend using both books along with other additional material you could find. Furthermore, take lots of practice tests which will help maintain the information you are studying (ExamCompass | CompTIA Practice Exams). Watch the professor messer videos as well along with taking notes. I found both books to be very helpful in studying. I did use both books when I studied for the A+ exams and passed with high scores (801: 877 score and 802: 863 score). Hope my advice helps. Good luck. icon_thumright.gif
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