Passed GCED

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Just passed the GCED. I found the exam to be fairly easy, with a hint of challenge thrown in. I made a 30 page index, which I referred to for probably 30 questions, either in the notes column or by flipping to that page in my books. A few of the questions I referred to my index for were ones that I already had the correct answer selected, just had some odd moments of doubt that I don't normally have when taking a closed-book exam.

Prior to taking the exam, I took the 2 practice attempts, the first time closed-book and the second time open-book. I passed both attempts and honestly I never cracked the book on the second practice test, I refereed to my index notes a couple times.

On the real attempt, I did have a few questions I for sure would have gotten wrong if I had not used my index to go and look at the specific text in the book, it is helpful to have a detailed index.

Honestly, all I did for study was (a) attend the SANS course, (b) index my books, and (c) take the 2 practice tests GIAC provides.

One more interesting thing I noticed... I spent over 2 hours on the real exam attempt and only about an hour on each practice test attempt. I think the open-book format throws me off a bit.


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    Congrats on the pass!
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    Congrats, it's a fun test.
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    Congrats on the pass! GCED is one I definitely would like to do.
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    Thank you. I enjoyed the GCED class, I think you will like it. The only problem is that now I'm addicted and want to go into more in-depth SANS courses.
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    Congrats! I'll be taking 501 next week, looking forward to it!
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    I have taken the GCED course in San Diego in May 2016. And I have been struggling to prepare for this test. I have created an Index of all 6 books and took my first practice exam and got a 49% icon_sad.gif. I thought my index failed me and had a hard time finding the tools and attack types from within my Index and really don't know how to improve it as I spent over 8 hours creating the index.

    Is there any way I could borrow your index and I could e-mail you mine as well to see if i'm doing it right etc. This has been giving me anxiety for months now and I'm not sure what else to do.
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