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I just passed my Network+ exam and I am now moving on to Security+. I used Sybex and this site as well as a bunch of Practice tests for study.

I was kind of surprised, I used Sybex when I took my A+ back in 2003 and thought it was really well done. However with the network+ I found a number of mistakes in the book however I thought it did a good job opverall.

I plan on pickinig up 2 books tonight, I've heard good things about Microsofts Security+ book but I'm not sure what other book I should pick up.

Any suggestions?



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    janmikejanmike Member Posts: 3,076
    I'm starting to do a little studying for Sec+.

    I found this site with the Tcat book on-line, http://www.certiguide.com/secplus/cg_sp_AbouttheBook.htm.
    They also offer this for download.

    I also have the Syngress book, and find it written in a good style. It seems to be recommended as decent for the study by several who have passed.

    I do think that one or two study guides will not be sufficient, but we're going to need some PC time to go with the studies. Of course, there are online sources too.

    Good luck on your choices!
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