NCSA NS0-145 exam

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I am going to take the test next month and i was wondering if any body can give me a couple of advice about the right way to study for it?


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    I have not sat this exam. From experience, you just have to be well prepared.
    Start off with going through the exam objectives as questions will be testing your understanding in those areas.

    Practise questions are another good resource. You can read a course book from cover to cover but questions put you to the test.
    Take note of the ones you are not sure about and revisit those chapters in the book.

    Wish you all the very best.
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    I have sat this exam, I used the CBT Nugget videos and the NetApp University videos that are free. They were enough.

    There is just nothing out there about this exam at all!

    I actually failed it the first time by 1%!!!!! I retook it 3 days later and passed it hahaha

    I did the Storage+ Exam before this and it helped me for sure
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    Not sure why this cert even exists. It's not really on any of their Professional or Specialist paths; Implementation Engineer, Storage Administrator, Installation Engineer or Converged Infrastructure.

    I skipped past the NCSA and took the NCDA CDOT, NSO-156 which I believe 157 is now the current for 8.3 CDOT.

    I'm a partner level so I know I see more than the general public NetApp U. I'm not sure if the simulators are available but you could also try Spin them up for over a week and actually play around. The NCDA wasn't hard I was in and out in less than 20min and passed with an 85% I think.

    Anything NetApp now I'd only focus on CDOT 8.3.x+ and avoid anything 7Mode. CDOT 8.2.3 to 8.3.x+ actually has quite a few changes so pay attention to the builds.

    If you have the chance to go out and take their 3 day Cluster Install Workshop, highly recommended!
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