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Hello, I have passed the A+ and Network+..currently studying Security+ and I am a bit lost with the next step. For sure my goal is to enter the Security field and with ultimate plans of being an Ethical Hacker/Forensic Investigator via EC Council hopefully or if any better places are available. I am not sure whether I should attempt CCNA Security after Security+ as I plan to take EC Council's Network Security Administrator course after. Any advice? Thanks


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    Welcome princea!

    What is your current role?

    CCNA Security is good if you work in a Cisco environment. GSEC would be good too if you (or employer) can foot the bill for the SANS course.
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    Ceh>oscp, osce, oswp, osee...
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    Well I'm working as a private technician with the goal of getting more certs and going into a firm. I haven't worked in the CISCO environment. Also what do ou think about EC Council Network Security Administrator? would that be a good way to go?
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    I am curious, what made you consider the ENSA? That cert is basically unknown in the industry.
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    Since I was planning to go through with CEH with EC Council I searched their career path and it popped up. Showed as the step before CEH.
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    Any advice? It doesnt have to be EC Council path but for sure I plan on entering the Computer Security field.
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    Cyberscum wrote: »
    Ceh>oscp, osce, oswp, osee...

    this .
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    Ok..I'm a bit confused to be honest. I know the '>' means greater than but Ive seen it used as a sign to show what steps to follow. In this case should I bother OSCP,OSCE,OSWP,OSEE?. also a brief break down of CISSP
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    Ok sorry let me reword it.

    $devi = "First, go CEH";
    $devi2 = "Second, go OSCP";
    $devi3 = "Third, go other certs from OS";
    echo $devi;
    echo "<br>";
    echo $devi2;
    echo "<br>";
    echo $devi3;
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    If you plan on being marketable as a penetration tester I would seriously bone up on development skills like php, java and mobile development. On the host side know your scripting languages inside and out like python and more java. Wireshark would be good to have a thorough understanding of what is happening in the background.

    Look at sites like vulnerability databases etc. for real vulns and exploit them both in the lab not in the wild. Pentesting is almost unique in that if your good enough your educational background probably won't matter much to most employers.

    Pentesting is very much a pure and current skill based role and not certification based. Certs may actually hurt you past your first role.

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