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Hi there,

I have finished my CCNP exam. CCNP is much simpler to pass than CCNA. Even I had a only 2 simple simulation questions in BSCI and Remote Access.

Well, I live in Sydney, Australia and I still could not find job. I wish to carry on with CCIE. I do not have problem with passing writing CCIE exam, but what about practical exam of 2 days duration. I have found some programs on the net. But is it enough to pass without practice. I have passed my CCNP by only reading books.

Can somebody give me advice whether I could carry on without real had 0n experince?

Thanks in advance



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    CCIE is only for those that have actual experience for a couple of years at least. It's the most valuable cert around, if you can pass it without having loads of experience/hands-on, you might run into trouble when you do get a job. You will raise a lot of expectations with an employer when you are CCIE and they pay you for it. My advice would be to continue to try and find a job that will give you a lot of exposure to different Cisco setups..
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