Oh, gotta be careful with that request .. Interview: Bring project documents

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So I am interviewing for a new position and one of the requests were to bring project documents I have written in my current job to show I can do that....

So off I went, printing things out .. then .. err .. hang on .. No can do .... Confidential .. IP .. so many caveats which could get you into trouble - especially if you stay in the industry and the industry is so small that you likely know the people already ..

In this case I downloaded their document templates they have on their website and copy / pasted a few pages without any details and re-created a second document based on an article from my website (which is from end to end).

How do you deal with those "issues" ?

Do you simply say "no sir, no can do" ?

Oh and on an unrelated note - also careful when you are asked to design something for a company. I was asked for an architect role to design an Exchange infrastructure - didn't get the job but heard my design was used by them .. So in the future I probably give them the design to look at but insist on taking it back home.
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    MutataMutata Member Posts: 176
    I have worked on a few projects with some pretty serious confidentiality agreements. My preference is to always air on the side of caution. If I tell someone who I am interviewing with that, due to confidentiality agreements that I cannot give you specifics on the project as to not violate my agreements and they don't respect that. That would be enough of a red flag to move on.

    If someone asks me to design something in an interview, I generally keep it pretty general - and if they ask for nuts & bolts specifics I'd leave out just enough so that they can't go off and do it themselves.
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    Matt2Matt2 Member Posts: 97 ■■□□□□□□□□

    Wen I left my previous employer part of the documentation I needed to sign said they owned ALL work done during my employment. So I deleted everything, after ensuring my manager/others were provided all they needed.
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    paul78paul78 Member Posts: 3,016 ■■■■■■■■■■
    That would be a huge red flag for me. Any employer that doesn't understand the basics of intellectual property doesn't sound very mature. Where I work, we take that sort of thing very seriously. And if anyone we hire brought in materials that may be deemed confidential from their previous employer, we would take disciplinary action.
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