Getting some weird messages on LinkedIn

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So there is this woman who keeps on messaging me about the internal processes that the company I currently work for is doing.


I'm not telling you anything.

Here are the correspondents back and forth.

First she asked me if I was interested in other work, and I basically told her no.

Here is her response after that:
Hi Jason,
Thank you for responding! Completely understood. I'm here if you need any help and when you do, please feel free and reach out to me! In the meantime, can I pick your brain about Almac? We have done business with them in the past but there has been some internal changes and I was just given the account again to "re-establish a better relationship". Any chance you would still want to chat? It can be a phone call, coffee, lunch whatever works for you. I live in Harleysville so it's super convenient for me. Let me know your thoughts.
Thank you again!

Then I wrote:
Hey Lori

I haven't been here long enough to know any sort of relations to outside companies and I'm not sure I would be allowed to speak about it to anyone.


Then she wrote:
Hi Jason,
I'm sorry, I didn't explain myself clearly before. I wouldn't want or need you to do anything internally. We have already done business with them in the past and have placed several consultants there in the past 2 years. I'm new to the company and am just trying to get my own bearings together and trying to figure out the way certain companies work, etc. Most of the people I reach out to meet up with me just to talk and answer some of my questions regarding how their group is set up, what types of projects they are working on, etc. That's all. If it's still something you are not comfortable with, that's not a problem. I just like to continually network and meet up with people in the industry.
Thanks again!


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    Sounds like she's a recruiter and trying to build relationships with many businesses so she can best place her clients. I don't think she's trying to steal secrets or anything, but rather trying to understand what challenges your company faces, what talent gaps exist, the company culture, etc. so she can try to find clients that would be a good match. You don't have any obligation to meet or disclose any of that but I don't think it would be out of line if you did necessarily. I would probably refer her to someone in HR/recruiting who would be a better contact for that information and future sourcing.
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    Yea, sounds like she is looking for some inside information to help her find out what your company might be needing.

    I would let her know this kind of information does not come cheap. And to bring the money in non-sequential bills.
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    I COULD use the money lol.
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    I would ignore her emails for her attempt to pry information from you. The last thing you want is documented evidence you have been giving insider information out about your company.
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    reason for non-sequential bills.... ^^^ think this is my first rodeo?
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    If she worded it the way you guys do, and she is trying to get information on what qualifications a person should have, then I would tell her my qualifications, both technical and personal, but what threw me off is the fact that she is asking about the projects we are working on.

    She should word her questions in a proper way if that is what she is looking for.

    Then again, if that was what she was looking for, couldn't she look at the profiles of the people who work there and see what the common competencies are?

    That is something you can get from HR, if indeed you needed it to help the company you are recruiting for.
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    I would never engage random people like that.
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    Haha, yeah, okay.

    Should I forward this on to my manager?
    Hi Jason,
    No. I know the types of people they are looking for. We've placed 7 people there. I'm meeting with Project Managers that have converted to Permanent employees next week.
    It's no problem. Thank you for your time and if you need some assistance, in the future, don't hesitate to reach out.
    Have a great day!

    On 6/17/15, 7:08 AM, Jason Jainnini wrote:

    Are you just trying to get a feel for what Almac might be looking for in terms of employees so that you can find the right skill set forwarded to us?
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    I wouldn't have responded at all, best delete the messages and ignore future attempts at communication.

    She's probably an assassin icon_cool.gif
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    Okay... so looks like I was wrong. No idea what she's trying to get at.

    I'll change my opinion on her to assassin as well. ncool.gificon_clown.gif
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