A+ Test 801 Question

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This coming Friday i will be taking my test on 801 and on the practice questions ive made a 79 should i study more?

maybe i'm just doubting my self i don't know any word of advise guys?

Background Info, Work EXP

Setup custom configuration for the HP Pro Liant ML, SL and DL server
configurations. Use of RDP for rapid multiple unit configurations.
Verified and flashed BIOS and firmware levels according to customer
specifications. Install and configure server OS including Linux flavors, Windows 2008 / 2008 R2 / 2003 Enterprise and Standard configurations.

Analyzed testing and configuring servers and racked solutions using diagnostics and programs
Performs configurations and tests on servers ProLiant, integrity server blades, ProLiant dl rack mount servers for eBay, Apple, Facebook Microsoft, Yahoo, HP, Etc…..,
Determining problem resolution for OS and hardware and in the VMWare space, support for HP Proliant Provide System Administration support for new project build activity and or server migration activities. Troubleshoot complicated hardware and software issues
Experience with installing and running Linux based applications.
Encouraged for managing standard application configurations for engineering teams..
Responsible for supporting Windows servers 2003/2008 and desktops (XP/Windows 7)
Uses configuration management tool to install and configure of OS and applications for physical and virtual servers Maintain various records and files including quotation files,, customer AML lists, and product catalogs. Provide technical assistance and support regarding technical specifications of products and devices. Create and logged daily and weekly reports of projects progress using MS Excel Spreadsheet and reported to Management with daily and weekly report.


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