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Please explain this figure of best practice, I dont get it


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    I dislike the phrase 'Best Practice' - it didn't work out so well for Arthur Anderson either, now did it?

    The picture is attempting to show all the different inputs from a variety of sources filtered through GRC and personal biases leaving what is left as suitable for business. Ummm... its somewhat interesting but unless its being used in some sort of torturous class setting I would find a better source of inspiration.

    'Best Practices' are much like Values (Honor, Valor, Truth) concepts that are nebulous and difficult to put an exact word. Good practices are like opinions and are everywhere, e.g. Two factor authentication is a good practice but protecting your network from intrusion is a best practice.

    That diagram is terrible.

    - b/eads
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    G.O.A.T wrote: »

    I will take a stab at it.

    If we only focus on the categories (Generate, Aggregate, Filter) then it goes something like this
    • Your Sources generate best practices
    • These tend to be aggregated (preferred) by Enablers in and around your business
    • These best practices are then filtered through the things (Regulations, Customers, Compliance, Commitments, etc) which are uniquely applicable to just your business, vertical or perhaps business strategy in order to come up with only those best practices which are suitable to your organization's objectives, context and purpose vs a generic set of items. ITIL is a pick what you need framework where you don't have to apply all of it.
    It is indeed a terrible diagram but often used in fundamentals to show where things come from, who champions them and what makes them applicable to your unique business.
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