Security+ Test Prep and Exam time

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:D I am currently studying for the Sec+ exam and have most of the materials I think I need. I have a few questions I am sure many of you can answer.
1. How far out should you commit when purchasing the exam voucher to give ample time to make sure you are ready and review?
2. When is the best time of the week/day to take the exam in general. Early week? Mid week? Weekend?
3. Are there any "specialized" areas that need focus more than others? Networking etc etc etc?
4. Wanting to get into Threat Analysis, Security Analyst type job roles. Should I talk myself out of going with a general cert and just study extra hard and gain what knowledge I can for something more area specific? I currently work in a security related job role in Client Access but have my sights set on the threat detection areas.
5. Any particular recommendations for study materials?

Thanks in advance for all the help



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