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Hi, I have started looking at taking the A+ test and was wondering about the 900 series. I saw a book for it and was wondering if I should go ahead and study for the 900 series or should I just do the 800 series. Form what I have read it most likely coming in end of 2015 or beginning 2016, and I am aware that the 800 series won't expire till 6-9 months after the 900 series and that it will last for three years.

Any advice will be much appreciated.

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    Wow! Its already out?

    I was thinking about doing the same thing, but already passed my 802. Next is 801.
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    According to your link, the publication date isn't until November, therefore it's a preorder til the November release.

    To answer your question, study for the 800 series as it will be a little while before they are retired.
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    I agree with xD Lucas. The next iteration of the exam won't be out until later this year (or early next). Typically, they will have a six month overlap between the release of the new exam and the termination of the old exam. Just remember, if you take an 800 series test, you must take both of them before the termination date or you will need to start all over with the new series.
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    Meyers All In One has been the best book for A+. That said, you need to focus on the objectives for whichever series you desire to test for, and keep in mind, it doesn't matter to anyone except yourself, if you take the current exam just before it retires, or the next release, once you pass, you are A+ certified for three years, than need to renew the certification if you care to keep it 'current'.

    Since it is June, I would focus on passing the current exam and moving on with my certs, studying for the next sixth months for an entry level cert might just be a sign this is the wrong career choice. Two months from now at the most, you should be onto your next cert if you are serious about getting your A+ today.


    (BTW- OP the book you posted is not released until Nov 2015 and Exam Cram also has a book listed, November is a ways a way in my opinion).
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