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I've read over the forum and seems RAID is a big part of the exam, and I understand the basic of the different kinds of RAID; RAID 0 is for performance, RAID 1 is mirroring.

My big problem is calculating how much space will be left or used in certain RAID configurations.

An administrator installs a new server with 5 146 gig drives & implements RAID 5 for hardware redundancy. How much disk space will be available for the OS, tools, and regular files?

Answer is 584 gig.

Are there any notes out there for RAID questions as above? I haven't found any notes dealing w/ drives spaces involving RAID.

Any ideas would be appreciated.



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    Are you able to answer the above question and comprehend how you derived at that answer?

    It isn't too difficult once you get a solid understanding of the different RAID levels and how they work. I would begin by reading here:
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    The question and answer is a sample I got from a test question(s), but as far as understanding how the different disk(s) sizes through different RAID configurations is a part I'm going to have to spend some extra time on.

    One of your links give an example of configuring disk size.

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    RAID 5 is # of drives - 1 for storage efficiency.

    (5-1) * 146 = 584

    RAID 1 = 50%
    RAID 0 = 100%
    RAID 10 = 50%
    RAID 01 = 50%
    RAID 5 = n-1
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