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HiiMaybe you can help meI have 2 installations of Novell 11.2 on different computers with edirectory for Linux x86_64 v8.8 SP8 [DS].in one of them samba is supported - and if I want to get users and groups I need to do it through objectname user/groupin the other samba is not supported - and if i want to get users and groups i need to do it through objectname inetOrgPerson/groupofnamesdo you know why this is happening? is it something that is decided on installation?is supporting samba has something to do with it?thanks.Nir


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    what are you trying to do?
    is this so your workstations see Linux file volumes, etc?

    i recall term samba enabled, so windows machines can see Linux volumes.
    you have to determine which users are samba enabled.
    you should be able to see samba settings in imanager and thus samba enable a user there.
    and yes I believe you have to install samba.

    it has been years, ours is already setup.

    see if this helps:
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