spanning tree modes on 2950

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According this this:
Switch-01(config)#spanning-tree mode ?
mst Multiple spanning tree mode
pvst Per-Vlan spanning tree mode
rapid-pvst Per-Vlan rapid spanning tree mode

I think my 2950 can run PVST+, RPVST+ or MST (I know no "+" in the output above for rapid-pvst or pvst, but I believe that is what's meant even if the output is misleading).

So does this mean I can't put my 2950 into CST or PVST? The 2950 can't do an ISL trunk, so I get why no PVST, but is CST just no longer supported due to age?


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    It's been an extremely long time since CST has been in use. I doubt you'll find any vendor's equipment out in the wild that you'll see using CST. At least I have yet to. PVST is just a deprecated version of PVST+. I doubt you'll see that anymore either. ISL is pretty much deprecated as well. 802.1q is the globally accepted standard for now...
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  • smcclenaghansmcclenaghan Member Posts: 139
    Thanks for the info, OfWolfAndMan.
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