Advice on MCSD, CCNA or OS certification

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Good day to you all...
My name is Trey and currently I am in a small west Texas town looking to relocate to a bigger Texas, maybe Arizona city in IT field. I have done work in the past in tech support for Xbox live, a bit of tech and entry level troubleshooting with customer service, help desk for Fed Ex applications and online support/ chat support . My current role has been for Newspaper and I was in production and currently have slowly been assigned to working on laptop/desktops for some company members like supervisors or managers and I need to make the most of this opportunity and advance my career. I would say Help desk wise I have about 7-8 years but have been out for almost 3 and just restarting over past month. I don't want to be the phone help desk anymore or the PC repair guy and I want a role more meaningful and that is financially decent. I don't want to be the guy at 32 years of age still making $14-$16 hr or about $2000 a month. I have signed up on TestOut for some IT training, I have Cisco CCNA, Linux + . Are any of you familiar with the TestOut certification site and think it is very useful or good for training. I feel the way their labs question you are sometimes a bit outside the scope of what they teach. Let me get to the point... I need advice on what field could I use more immediately if I get a certification in. I have a interest with Cisco and always have been drawn as well to being on the web side and taking a MCSD certification and learning a bit of HTML 5 and web applications. Linux is something I see value in and I run at home, a lot of affordable and free resources to use like Linux academy I'm signed up for but I feel it doesn't click as well for me and will take more time for me to be certified in Linux and get in the swing of it. Can you provide me some good advice on which path could be more useful to start training for out of CCNA, MCSD or Linux + and best ways to prepare and ways to find free or affordable ways to practice labs or get hands on or simulated experience? I appreciate any help


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    Your post is a bit hard to read with the punctuation and wall of text, but I'll take a stab at it...

    You're asking about 3 different certs in 3 completely different areas of IT. What do you want to do? Do you want do networking, software, development or system admin for Linux?
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    After line 3 my eyes started glossing over.

    But looks like you want to get into networking and web development. Choose one. You say you bought training for the CCNA but you're also studying for the MCSD certification... Going after both at the same time is not going to do you any good.
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