Looking for advice on 70-412.

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I'm planning on taking 70-412 very soon. Any advice is appreciated, I would really like to take this one down on the first try. I found 410 to be relatively straight forward, but 411 was just insane. I don't know of any organization that uses NPS with the same detail that the 411 required.



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    what is ur study process ?
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    Good question. For 410, it was previous experience + CBT videos, + Hyper-V virtual lab + Measure Up = Success

    For 411 I used the same materials but I had limited experience with things like Bitlocker, and NPS. = Fail; I found that CBT did not cover a lot that was on the exam. And Measure up became useless as I eventually just memorized their questions and answers and the actual exam had more challenging questions. After two attempts I had a good idea of what was expected and just lab'ed as much as I could and squeaked out a pass on the 3rd attempt.

    Thus for 412, I don't know what to use. I have a virtual lab, and using the TechEd reference for objectives. I don't trust CBT, and not sure who to look at for test questions.
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    Just be aware that CBT videos normally have Server 2012, and all the 70-4xx exams are now R2 based... important to know about some interface changes... tend to catch you out... They Seem to Push Hyper-V a lot, so know it... and know your PS tools.... they like throwing in one or 2 arbitrary questions from there... Labs.... Hit the Labs... Try get an Azure Trial account and run multiple servers and play with recovery and migration...

    Good Luck...
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