Passed today! :-)

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Just passed Security+ exam people! 848/900. YESSSSSSSSS!

My advice is Darril Gibson book and practice test at It's an authorised CompTia partner. I also used CBT nuggets but Darrils book was more than enough!

Exam not as hard.

I thought i would fail because I was only averaging 60% or so on the measure up tests so if you get as much as that or more, your sorted!

Know what appears on the objectives!
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    Great job on the pass and very good score too!! Whats up next for you?
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    Good for you!icon_cheers.gif
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    I passed Sec+ on Wednesday.

    Materials used: Darril's book and his app on Android.

    @Peter: congratz!!! BTW, what book did you use to study for CEH?
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    Congrats!!!! I recommend Darril's book too.
    Great book and great read.
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    to be honest I just used CBT nuggets and my course tutor. He also provided an excellent exam simulator.

    My advice for the exam would be to know your nmap commands and wireshark!
    ISC2 CISSP, EC-Council CEH, CompTia Security+
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    Wow! Congratulations!!!icon_cheers.gif Can you share any tips? :)
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    ostrich wrote: »
    Wow! Congratulations!!!icon_cheers.gif Can you share any tips? :)

    Know your ports, practice the simulations.....and read the questions.

    I cant remember the question now but basically there were 2 answers that would have been right. The answer was the software based answer, but there was exactly the same answer but for hardware.

    But as the question had the word 'software' in it, i chose the software based answer. So READ the questions! was REALLY good exam practice, id defo recommend do it.
    ISC2 CISSP, EC-Council CEH, CompTia Security+
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