What are the things we need to focus when setting up an IT infrastucture

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We are going to setup a clinic , there IT infrastructure and resources are needed for various department and services

We are planning for domain environment , networks , ERP application (SQL server ) ..

Can someone give a brief idea and tips for the core areas we need to focus while building them..,


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    Security. I'd say fault tolerance but I'm not sure how important uptime is for a clinic vs budget. I don't know anything about erp but set up a VPN and only have access to management interfaces open internally.
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    Some more details will help flesh out your needs. How many users, PCs, locations? What type of applications? What is your budget? Who will maintain the system after it is installed? Is the clinic new construction or is it going into an existing building? How is the physical security for equipment?

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    Brief is a fallicy when setting up a IT infrastructure from scratch.

    This is quite a large topic one that could include everything but the kitchen sink.

    I can contest, having done sometihng like this myself recently that it's easily a 2 week planning job with design and then a solid 2 weeks of implementation and then installation and configuration plus working out all the issues in-between. It's no simple task, but many do it all the time.

    Going to throw back a question towards you, how much experience do you or your team have with designing, deploying, and administing a setup of this scale from the ground up? ... reason for question is it can easily get overwhelming if your new to it just from the scale of what is involved.
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    Documentation, documentation, documentation, did I say documentation? Also, consistency across the network with your base installs for the servers. Obviously there will be differences, but you want your base to be the same across the board to save you a lot of headaches.
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