Passed SY0-401, where to now?

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Good morning TE!
I am a long time reader/visitor but I haven't really posted much here. After studying for Sec+ on and off for over a year, I finally took it and passed. Used Darril's book as the main material along with a Udemy video. I'd say Darril's book is pretty much all you need to pass.

I know these topics have been discussed over and over in TE but I am somewhat in a unique situation. I work in a local community college as IT support and my duties include being a test proctor for PearsonVue, Prometric, Certiport and iBT. As a test proctor, I cannot take any Cisco or Microsoft exams until 6 months from the date I resign from proctoring, which I will be doing in a few days. CompTIA also have changed their restrictions for proctors few months ago to something similar to Cisco and Microsoft. CompTIA has given a grace period for proctors until the end of June (this is what pushed me to finally take Sec+ and I will be resigning by the end of the month).

So the long story short, I cannot take Cisco and Microsoft exams until February of 2016. Since I will be resigning before their new policy kicks in, I am allowed to take CompTIA exams. I am more interested in Sys Admin path but still debating. I'm also looking to change jobs soon too. What would be a good certifications to shoot for next? As a reference, I have A+ and Sec+ without a college degree. I am about 30 credits away from getting my bachelors in Information System Management.
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