How the hell can i do WORSE the 2nd time around????

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I only missed it by 2 points on Saturday. Boned up on my weak sections and got a 822 today. My level of discouragment is beyond low. I fealt so confident this time around that I knew most of the questions. I even made myself go real slow so I didn't get cocky and burn through the test. I've been in the business for a long time now and passed my A+ and Network+ both on the first time around. What else can I study with? I've been using lamales sybex book and various cramming and study materials from the net.


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    Have you used any practice tests? With the high passing score of CCNA it is important to continue practicing and studying untill you reach 95%... or 100% even. That is what Cisco wants you to aim for, and that is why the CCNA certification still has real value compared to CompTIA or MS certs.

    Did the score report show the same weak areas both tries? What are they? How did you do on the sims and do you have hands-on experience with Cisco routers?

    I know the costs of exams are high, but don't let it discourage you. It seems nowadays most people need 2 or more tries to pass it, it should be worth it anyway when you pass it.
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    Don't give up, the CCNA exam is a tough one. I have failed it recently, I almost passed it like you did. I have not tried it again.

    Webmaster is right, CompTIA exams carry less weight when asking for a raise or trying to get a better job, I have a fair amount of experiance and can pass practice Network+/A+ tests with ease but the CCNA took me for a ride.

    I'm thinking about getting my 'easy' CompTIA certs because I'm tired of getting my resume tossed in the trash because I don't have basic certs to backup my skills, just how the IT field is today.

    Which test did you take, the 640-607? There are two other paths to get to be CCNA now, the newer 640-801 test(atleast I think that's the number of it) OR to take two tests which sound a little more manageable compared to the 607 and 801. Granted you have to pay and pass two tests instead of one but at the rate we are going it wont make a difference. But if you are close go take whichever test you almost have. Your chances should be better each time because you know what to expect, expecially on the sims(those killed my time, even though I got them to work, and caused me to rush.)

    One Cisco test is about half the cost of a CompTIA test, if that makes you feel better.

    Well best of luck next time.
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    Yes, taking those two tests instead of one may be a good approach. That is most likely what I will do when I start on my CCNA in September. This way you can focus on half of the test, which should make you much more comfortable. Like nethersdenizen says, it will cost more, but if you're failing anyway, it could cost you more by only taking one test. Good luck with whatever you choose to do and study hard.

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    Which objective do you feel weak during the exam?

    U got two option:

    1> If u sure that you know all of them, but FAIL. YOU ARE NOT READING EVERYTHING and study right

    2> If u feel weak in certain SUBJECT, get to know them better

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