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Hi All,

I just got the idea to ask this question when I saw another thread asking for a cover letter template. Would anyone here like to share some great ideas for Linkedin Summary Template? I have my Linkedin profile up-to-date but I feel that it could be better. I would love to hear some ideas that could help a lot of us out here.

Thank you in advance for any help that you can provide.


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    I copied and pasted the professional summary section of my resume. In fact, a lot of the content on my LinkedIn profile is content that came directly from my resume. That includes past work experience, certifications, education, etc. Makes it really easy to quickly build your profile. (presuming you already have a nice resume)
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    ^ This is the case for me, also. I like for all my professional resources to come from the same source. Though, I add a bit more information to my LinkedIn as opposed to me resume due to space constraints.
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    on LinkedIn I list all my certs, including CIW, but I leave them off my resume
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