What to do after CompTIA Trio?

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So I am currently in high school, the summer between my Jr and Sr year. Before my senior year starts, I plan to have completed CompTIA A+, Net+, and Sec+. I want to complete at least one more certification during my senior year of high school. So are there any "quick" certs that can be completed within 9 months? I will also have school obligations so I won't be able to study nonstop during these 9 months. Really into sys/net administration, thinking maybe MSCA or CCENT? Or a security cert. The only "easy" one I know of is the CEH. Suggestions?

Thank you!


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    MCSA or CCENT are probably your best options. You will not be able to sit for the CEH since it requires 2 years infosec experience and even if they let you with going through their courses you would have to shell out some cash...just not that practical for you at this point. I would think at your age, you would be more likely to land a job in the near future as help desk....meaning MCSA would have more benefit. You could always take that 9 months and learn a programming language as an alternative...something like Python.
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    MCSA seems like the canned response, most likely the correct one. It all depends on what your previous experiences are and where you want to go.
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    Real world experience - try to get into a work experience program or volunteer. If this is not available, then setup a lab at home (virtual machines on your computer and start labbing and doing things practically). I don't recommend higher certs now without any kind of hands-on experience. Setup webservers/DNS/domain servers/ftp/virtual hosts/...learn scripting...learn subnetting and try to configure a switch. Learn a programming language (Python or C++..). Much better than being certified.
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    What do you want to do? CCENT/CCNA is always a good route to go even if you end up doing sys admin stuff.
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    Ah I didn't realize the CEH had a 2 year requirement. But as far as the CCENT/CCNA vs MSCA goes, I think I will go with CCENT/CCNA because I have heard it is easier and I also think my Net+ knowledge will be able to help me out a bit. Also, I agree real world experience is best; however due to my age and educational obligations, a "real" IT job or volunteer work is not practical. I am currently working in a computer repair shop so that is something.

    I have also made many virtual machines with Hyper-V, my host OS being Windows Server 2012, and have already dabbled a bit in DNS/DHCP/AD.

    I have wanted to learn Python for a while now, can't really get interested in programming that much, it's just boring to me. But maybe I can try learning it by applying it to sysadmin topics...not sure about that.

    Any tips greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone!
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    I'm not sure about your location but here we have a work-experience volunteer program for young school students. For programming, pick an O'Reilly book and learn Python by doing everything practically. Write your own programs. Create web applications!
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