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Hello Everyone,
I passed my exam but a couple of weeks ago but forgot to talk about it here. This forum help me with a lot of extra resources. Now for my opinion. I think the CEH exam was, I guess less than I thought? It kind of felt like a Security+ exam with Nmap, web application/database attacks, and packet sniffing applications questions. I learned many things while studying for the exam, but not everything i learned was in the exam. Luckily after taking CCNA Security in April, most of those items rolled over into this exam. What killed me the most was Nmap, NetCat, and web application/database attacks (or injections). I learned many programs and other resources presented from the videos I watched. Luckily, no labs on those applications or it would have been tough! But I think that is more for the penetration tester certification right? The exam setup was a bit weird as well. They divided the exam in different blocks of questions. Never encountered that before.
So I am not a experienced veteran in the security field. I have been in IT for a couple of years now and trying to move into Security. Since passing, I have been reading up on It Security Whitepapers from various websites and reading up on IT Security newsletters as well. I have been reading up on some IT Security books offered from various websites.What else should i be reding up on to keep up on the latest and greates in IT Security? What kind of jobs should i be looking for to move me into security? I know that the listing (amount) of job listings that require or prefer CEH is not overwhelming like most. So i guess its easier to navigate and look at whats out there. What should be the next certification i can work on to improve my security skills and my chances of landing a good security job?


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    Congrats on the pass!

    What are your current job duties? What certifications/skills do you currently possess?

    The answers to those questions will help us be more specific in our recommendations. I'm assuming you have CCNA, CCNA:Sec and CEH (and maybe Sec+) and are working something like a network admin/engineer role. Based on those assumptions I'd say your next step would be to look into getting more hands on security experience and transition to a new role as a security administrator, jr. security analsyst, SOC type positions. And then once you get some work experience pursue CISSP.

    That's my initial advice but feel free to provide additional information.
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    Congrats on the pass!
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    Thank you very much guys. So I am currently in tech support, in the security operations team, and the main person to work with any network tasks at the office while coordinating with the network engineers at our main office held at another location. I have Security+, Network+, CCNA R&S, CCNA Security, CEH, and ITIL V3 Foundation. So looking for Security position plus a boost in salary of course. I do have a BS in IT.
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    congrats on the pass looking to do CEH soon one day. God spears life.icon_cheers.gif
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    Congrats on the pass man! I've signed up to take CEH and CHFI in less than 6 months time for WGU. If you don't mind me asking, what study materials did you use and what did you find very helpful besides Cisco CCNA Security?
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    I used
    VTC Videos
    CBTnuggets videos
    CEH v8 study guide by Sybex.
    CEH v8 All in one guide
    I used some of the videos on Cybrary but not all of them.
    I played with some of the programs and operating systems that were on the books.
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    Congrats, thanks for the list of materials you used :)
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    Congrats! Thanks for the info!
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