Peason Vue sucks a big one!

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Peason Vue sucks a big one!

I live in Bloomington, MN where Pearson Vue is headquartered... the soonest I can take the VCAP-DCA at their required "Pearson Professional Centers" anywhere in the state of Minnesota is July 22nd which is 4 weeks!

Ah the benefits of another lazy monopoly

/end rant
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    I'm working in Bloomington right now =P
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    My understanding is that these are graded by a real person, like the CCIE lab. I would say there's a good chance that the limited seats/options has as much to do with VMware and the proctor to grade it, as any limitations by Vue.

    I'm biased though, I used to be part of pearson and had an enclave of VUE (NCLEX the nursing test writers) in my office. Not that I miss supporting their desktops/phones. :)
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