Linux+ Exam Objections

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I took the Linux+ a few years back and plan to take it again in the upcoming month.

Just wanted to get your input on a few objections to the exam itself that I have:
  • How is anyone supposed to remember all of the minor flags used to every command? Just from memory I remember them asking quite a few of these. I don't know about you but I find it extremely difficult to remember them all. Without access to man pages, I find this useless.
  • Some of the "fill in the blank" questions are dubious. For instance they will ask which command should be used for X but then don't tell you whether or not to use the full /bin /sbin or just the command itself. Some of the practice exams include the full directory to the command, some do not.
I still want the cert itself, just found these two items bother me a bit..thoughts?
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  • cowillcowill Member Posts: 93 ■■□□□□□□□□
    When I took 101...I didn't remember every flag......but I remembered most and the important ones. I noticed a few of them shared the same options...i.e. -v on a lot of commands is "verbose".....Also, there are some commands where you aren't really going be challenged on as far as options (I can tell you you probably won't see anything other than -f for the "tail" command.....tail -f /var/log/messages)...That made it easier to really focus on stuff like cut, sort...etc....where you will be challenged....I also used flash cards for a lot of my commands

    Fill in the blank is a killer.....but usually they are quite specific in what you need....It's just hard having to pull that stuff out your brain with very little rhyme or reason....But honestly you should know that stuff so well that you at least feel confident answering the question, even if you are wrong. I took 101 before and I think the reason why I failed the first time is because I could even begin to tell you what I should fill in the blank with.....That last go around, if I had 10 fill in the blank questions, I think I got at least 7 right......

    Its a challenging test...because you have to know your stuff......Or at least know it to where you can use the process of elimination......You can't skim through this....Comptia exam or not.
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    cowill has good advice. I had (have) the same concerns about remembering every command and it's switches because in the real world you do have access to man pages. Most of them are very similar and once you go through enough. What are you using to lab?

    I just took the exams and they were specific about if you need the full path or just the command. I wouldn't worry about that part of the test.
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    The more you work with commands, the more familiar the flags become.
    With that said, I felt it was cumbersome trying to remember certain flags. Obviously in the real world, man pages are there to lookup.

    You are not expected to know all flags to pass the exam (I certainly did not), but a demonstration of understanding some of the most commonly used flags.
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