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Just wondering, how do most people excuse themselves from the office for job interviews? I find myself giving short notice of half days lately as I've been looking for a new opportunity. I withhold this information from my employer, but I suspect they may be frustrated or know what I'm up to with the recent absences.

Am I doing it wrong?


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    From a legal/HR perspective, if you have PTO (aka time off that you've accrued & is guaranteed to you by the company), just give them the time notice and get it approved through whatever the normal channels are.

    You are not required to give a reason why, although most of us feel social pressures to provide excuses as to why. The problem that starts this whole process is we give reasons when we take "legitimate" PTO, like a vacation or something. It might be a simple off-handed comment such as "these three days off are to take a beach vacation with the family" or what have you. The solution is to treat all PTO as PTO and simply request time off. You do not have to provide a reason, ever, as to why.
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    That seems logical and I'm understanding that. I usually do disclose my plans, so it feels out of place not to.

    However, the challenge has been that companies have been requesting to meet on short notice. Generally, a week in advance would go unnoticed, but I'm getting places looking to meet the next day (which I politely indicate is not possible) or within a few days, forcing me to give short notice, which I hate to do.
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    this is where 3rd shift makes it easy..

    however in previous jobs, it was pretty awkward. Especially when you take all these days off for multiple interviews, then you have to give your notice
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    Try to arrange during lunch hour or a morning interview.
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