Preparing for the 005 N+ before it's gone

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I got my A+ in 2010 at age 33 seeking a different career. I worked full time providing technical support for a US Cable provider (VoIP, Cable TV and Internet, later their application and HBO GO and a couple of others) and went to college full time, graduating 2 weeks ago with a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems.

As of this moment, I'm underemployed but have to realize that I need more credentials. I'm currently planning on Network+ and probably at some point Security+, along with also getting some Windows 8 or 10 certs, some Server 2012 (likely MSCA in both) and perhaps an MSCE (used to be a goal of mine when I first got interested in IT) in server??

I'm possibly going to WGU for the Master of Science in ISA or to National University (where I got my B S) for their CyberSecurity and Information Assurance. It's a lot cheaper at WGU. I can probably be assured of one year at NU, even if I get the Computer Forensics specialization along with the specialization in Ethical Hacking and Pen Testing.

Most of the certs mentioned are for employment in government fields...I formerly held a TSC in the military and am hopeful once the certs are there, some friends of mine can pick me up.

I'm shopping for resources right now, trying to do this on the cheap but likely erring on the side of over-preparation as I feel I sometimes under perform on tests for how well I know material. Also, I've prepared for this test before, and life got in the way. I got a B+ in the specific prep class for it at a junior college in 2012.

I will notate my resources later. I've been reading this forum a few days and am inspired by all the posts and the relatively positive posts. Hoping to be adding passed here shortly. My initial goal is 4 weeks of prep time including:

Watching all Professor Messer videos on Network+ (005) twice
Reading and taking notes from 2 or 3 books
Reviewing my notes until I know the flashcards I make from my notes cold (98% or better)
Taking several practice tests
Praying I don't waste any money, my current job (in the financial sector, left for better pay) is not secure at this point and I'm really unable to face wasting the money.

Thanks for ignoring my wall of text. Here's to a cert before long.icon_study.gif


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    sheikysheiky Member Posts: 69 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Good for you to finish A+ in 2010 as its good for life. I am going to take A+ mid July. You can also add the below study materials to your preparations.

    For free CBT materials on N+
    Free Online CompTIA Network+ Training from Cybrary

    Free N+ practice tests
    CompTIA Network+ Practice Test Questions

    My two cents...! :)
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    I know that you can do it. Once you have studied and are ready to take the exam....have confidence thats the moat important thing. Be encouraged I know you will rock that N-005 exam.icon_thumright.gif
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    nascar_paulnascar_paul Member Posts: 288 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Schedule it and put the money on the table! That's how I get it moving! It will turn a "I plan on someday" into an "I've GOT to get my study time in! I don't have time to waste!"
    I'd wish you luck, but I don't think that you'll need it! Ah, I'll wish you luck anyway!
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    volfkhatvolfkhat Member Posts: 1,060 ■■■■■■■■□□
    The N10-005 is a cake-walk.
    I passed using Professor Messer, and doing pratice questions on Quizlet.
    (No other books, no other Reading)

    5 Weeks for the Messer Course (bought his study notes), and 3 weeks of Practice Questions.

    Total Preparation Cost: $10
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    JameswebJamesweb Member Posts: 144

    I would like to wish you luck in your studies for N+. I know you can do it. I passed it back in December after years of studying off and on and life and work getting in the way and finally I really buckled down and got it done. I read 4 books, messer videos all of them, several practice tests and did the bundle where you get the CompTIA Certmaster which helped some. I spent about 4 solid months studying for it including every weekend which may be overkill for some but I really wanted to know and learn the material. I now just studied for Security+ for a solid month and passed that at beginning of June. You can do it too and we will all be waiting to see that "I PASSED!" in the thread!
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    glenninitglenninit Member Posts: 8 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Sheiky, Volfkat thank you so much for those resources!

    All of you, thank you so much for the encouragement! You're really making me feel better about this. I'd write more, but...it's time to study.

    Note: I ordered two books that will arrive Friday. My goal is to have notes written on both by July 19. Flashcards done July 26th. Then hopefully take exam within 3-4 days. The books ordered were the exam cram and the Mike Meyers Passport.

    As advised, I'm going to go ahead and plunk down the money for the test.

    This forum is awesome.
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