CompTIA Healthcare Information Technician in Canada

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Hi all,

Having recently returned to my old job at the hospital for the summer, I have been eyeing this certification for the past week. I understand that the exam covers US health regulations, but I believe that Canadas is very similar (QHR/EHR/Greenscreen, etc). Can anybody provide me on any feedback whether this cert is worth it or not?

Basically what my job role for the summer is database support. Working with the HR, IT, and Communications departments I am using Excel to cleanup the 26,000 employee database then merge them into a script for a new e-phonebook that we are working on. This will also help make things more organized on the Active Directory side of things as well.
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    I can't speak about Canada, but I started a thread about this cert the other day and the responses of those who had it were positive
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    Sounds like a good opportunity to learn VBA and Excel Formulas, maybe you can import the sheet once cleansed into an Access database or get permissions to a table in their RDBMS.

    Those are skills you'll actually be able to leverage throughout your career.

    Take a look at that. If you are merging fuzzy data, such as names and roles etc you can utilize that Excel plug in to match data back and forth, just remember to turn the range into a table before you start the fuzzy lookup. I usually just load data into the tables and then write scripts back and forth, but sometimes you have to go old school.
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    With my job title being summer student, I don't have administrator access to some of the apps that I have used last year when I was an ICT Tech (don't even have access to configure our 3Com phones and such). Can anyone provide any stats on the cert itself (such as difficulty, benefits, etc)? I did some googling, and as far as I'm aware, not many techs here in Manitoba have this cert. I just feel that having this will help me land a future job easier if I choose to specialize in healthcare IT.
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    To tell you the truth, I was about a year ago debating whether to take this cert or not. In reality, the ROI is minimal and the exam is not hard. I read the book in one day and almost passed. Got a score of 640 and needed 650. It won't take long to prepare for it maybe a week at the most. That being said, I think your best bet is to prepare for your CCENT and maybe consider focusing on Security or Networking. Healthcare information needs to be secure and kept confidential and their netowtk needs to be maintained. Most of the medical terminology used is bare bones basic like what is am RN what is an MD or LN etc. Focus on the real technical materials as hospital jobs would rather you the technician have your CCNA and not the CompTIA Healthcare IT.
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