Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2012 Problem

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Currently I am working on a network that is all static for all workstations and servers. I implemented a Microsoft Deployment Server ran a test image that installed successfully by booting the test computer by usb drive to Windows PE environment. Then pressing F8 and enter the command 'netsh interface ip set address "Ethernet" static <ip address> <subnet mask> <gateway>. That worked the first time around. I tried again to do that sequence when I exit the command prompt the whole PE environment restarts not allowing me to continue on. Does anyone know what settings I should add to the Bootstrap.ini file that will allow me to add an ip address without going to the command prompt?


  • MagmadragoonMagmadragoon Member Posts: 172 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Figured it out I use the following code in the customsettings.ini:

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