GICH Workstudy at Cyber Defense Summit Nashville TN

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So i have been accepted to a facilitator at Cyber Defense Nashville for the SEC 504(GCIH) class. I last facilitated an a Community event. Has anyone here facilitated a GCIH class at a Summit and how is it different from a Community event. Thanks.


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    The summit seems to be a smaller event. I facilitated during one of SANS' largest events (SANS 2015 Orlando) and I imagine it has to be waaaaay easier. From what I know the difference between conference/summits and community events is that you will have to unpack pallets of the books and materials and then sort them out on tables for each class, then hand out the bags of books/materials during registration/pickup periods. I think the summit would be a good step up from the community events. I wish I had started off with something smaller as the Orlando event was just a lot to deal with.
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    It's just seven courses. That is the size of the Chicago event which I've done 3 times through Work Study. As JoJo mentioned it's mostly setup/tear down, handing out badges/books and setting directional signs on the first day, rest of the days is making sure your instructor's needs are addressed, everyone has their badge, coordinating with a loaner for the knucklehead who left his book at home, etc. I've never spent much time away from the class at all.

    From what I've hear from guys that have done the bigger and smaller events, the pace it totally different at the smaller events, more relaxed if you will.
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