New to the forum - CEH bound but wanting GCIH

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What's going on everyone!? Not sure if this question has been asked but I am currently studying for the C|EH since the SANS courses and exams are very steep. I am sure preference is divided, I am sure some of you wouldn't just pass over the C|EH since it is considered a paper test... I get that. But my question is more on the side of, would it be the same (at a higher level I am sure) to do the GCIH when I can afford it or just move to a different cert if I already have my C|EH?

I do not want to double up if I can grow in another direction if they are going over the same things.

Thanks in advance.
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    Not the same thing at all. To me CEH was "This is scanner, here's some arguments it takes, this is what it does". GCIH is much more in-depth, not just in the attacks that can happen, but in the incident handling that occurs afterwards. CEH sounds cool to those that aren't very security focused, but GCIH is where you'll actually begin to learn something substantial.

    If you want to compare CEH to a GIAC test, it's closer to GSEC.
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    Yes, I would consider GCIH a significant step up from CEH.

    And I wouldn't bother with GSEC unless you are planning to go for GSE...seeing as how you already have CISSP.
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